Why Choose Us?

Priority Home Care is dedicated to empowering people who need personal care and assistance with daily life. We help our clients stay in their own homes and receive the assistance they need from friends and family members they know and trust.

Our Values

We take pride and ownership in our work, our responsiveness, and the trust we earn from our clients. We are thorough and dependable, and we see things through to completion.

Our Mission

Touching the lives of our clients and their caregivers is not just our job. It’s our passion. Our goal is to facilitate the best care our clients can receive at home, through efficient and effective systems.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which it’s easy for people to receive loving care at home. We consider our clients partners in fulfilling this vision, and we look to them to learn new ways to improve our services.

We Care About You

Our management team has over 15 years of experience in the home care industry. As a contracted provider of New York State’s Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP), we work hard every day to make sure our clients remain in their own homes and retain autonomy over their own care.


Our priority is making the CDPAP process clear and simple for our clients. We guide you through each step in qualifying for and enrolling in CDPAP, we never make false promises about what the program offers, and we’re always available to answer questions.


Our team of field liaisons prioritizes your comfort during house calls to meet with you at your convenience. And we make sure that your chosen caregivers are paid on time and receive their benefits.

Need More Info?

Contact Priority Home Care with any questions you have about CDPAP. We know you value your independence, and we work hard to make sure you can remain in your own home.


What Our Clients Say

Priority is always reachable, and there's never a time when I feel I'm completely on my own, whether it's an issue with my husband's care or a problem that the aide might have. At all times, and in all ways, Priority smooths the way for us. They make my life, and the life of my family so much easier.

– Marry L

I thank Priority a million times over for their ongoing support with everything. I can't afford to lose my aide and I know it's Priority that's keeping him satisfied in his job. I just hope that they'll be there for me forever.

– Paul Beker